The Blaster icon in Creeper World

Fractal beam blasters are the most commonly employed anti-Creeper weapons.


Blasters require 25 build packets before operating. It takes 10 ammunition packets to fill a Blaster, and about 0.2 are required to fire a shot.


Blasters use fractal energy beams to incinerate Creeper at which they fire. Also, the blaster turrets are tachyon-enhanced for instant rotation to any position, and they are very efficient in turning ammo packets into Creeper vapour. They do have limitations, though: they have a shorter range than any other defensive structure, are not very effective on deep pools of Creeper, and cannot fire at higher elevations than their self.


The Blaster, like all defensive structures, can withstand some Creeper, and when not being damaged and when connected to the network they will slowly self-repair.