The green around each collector shows that it is currently collecting energy, the amount being collected is shown on the bottom right.

Fractal energy collectors collect energy from fractal space-time. They are not perfect, though; a Collector cannot collect infinite energy from one point, so it needs area to operate. This is represented by the green area around each Collector. It works by tapping into fractal space and extracting energy from recursive space-time.


Collectors require 10 build packets before operation starts.


If a Collector's area of effect was completely uncovered before the Collector came online, it will add 0.2 to energy production. If the area of effect was partially covered beforehand, it will add 0.1 to energy production.

The Collectors will also create connections and networks to other structures, although they are not as long as relays.

Note also that Collectors can only gather energy from terrain on the same elevation as themselves.


Like all production structures, Collectors have little structural integrity; even a glancing blow from Creeper will cause it to destabilize and collapse.

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