Drones are military towers, and very helpful ones at that


Drones have unlimited range. To use them, you select a target area to bomb, and then a Drone will head out to bomb the selected area, cutting through pools of Creeper right to the bottom. The Drone drops 3 or 4 bombs, and does 4 passes, dropping bombs on all of the passes. After doing it's 4 passes, it returns to it's hangar to refuel and re-arm.

Stats & Extra InfoEdit

If a Drone's hangar is destroyed, the Drone will be destroyed also, even when the Drone is in flight. Drones are very costly to refuel and re-arm, so make sure you have a good energy supply heading to the hangar. A good way to do this is have them positioned near Odin City. You should keep them out of harm's way as they are very helpful, whether they're taking out Creepers dangerously close to towers or Odin City, helping Blasters out, or wiping out a wave of incoming Creeper.


Drones may appear to be like all energy structures, destroyed on contact of creeper, when in reality, they have a VERY small amount of health and can withstand about half a second to 3/4s of a second of creeper contact. They will survive if the creeper is removed IMMEDIATELY after contact.