Odin City

Odin City

Odin CityEdit

Odin City is the most important building in the game, being the last safe haven for humanity. Upon destruction by the Creeper, the player immediately loses the game. It can endure a bit of damage before being destroyed. Everything must be connected to Odin City, for Odin City supplies energy packets to build and power buildings. The best form of defense for Odin City is to surround it with blasters along with some SAMs to defend against creeper spores.

Packet Control Nodes

There are three packet control nodes on Odin City. These are as follows.

  • Green / Top - Rift Totem Packets: This sends packets to power the rift totems
  • Grey / Right - Build Packets: This sends packets to build new structures
  • Red / Left - Ammo Packets: This sends packets to power weapons

It is possible to toggle these nodes on and off by clicking on them. If you toggle the node off then Odin City will no longer send their respective packets. The packets that are sent are represented by the three colours of their control nodes. All structures will receive grey packets when building followed by red packets for weapons . Totems receive green packets for opening a path to rift space.