The reactor icon in Creeper World

Fractal energy producers are somewhat like Collectors, but can draw energy from a single point, using temporary black holes to improve the Collector's energy production. This technology is expensive, but worth the increased energy output.They are the only energy-producing building in CW2 because there are no collectors in CW2.


These reactors extract space-time energy from artificial singularities, meaning that they produce limitless amounts of energy from a single point, but are limited to smaller amounts of energy produced at one time.


Reactors require 40 build packets [third most expensive] before operation starts. In CW3,These reactors require 50 build packets because of more energy to collect and armored design. and in CW2,due to no Collectors,they only cost 10 build packets since they are the only energy acquisition method.


In CW1,Each Reactor adds 0.3 to the Collection from its single point in fractal space-time.

A bug in the game, that has since been patched, caused Reactor energy output to alternate between 0.2 and 0.4.


Like all structure buildings(except Terps and Shields)Reactors have little structural integrity; even a glancing blow from Creeper will cause one to destabilize and collapse. These are easily destroyed since the stabilizing outer frame is extremely fragile. When the creeper erodes the stabilizing frame, the singularity becomes unstable and releases all its stored matter in a violent manner.