Totems are a special kind of structure that has different uses throughout the games.

Creeper WorldEdit

Totems in Creeper World are indestructible and allow Odin City to warp through Rift Space. They must be powered by special packets and cannot be damaged by Creeper. When all of the Totems are powered and charged, a rift opens and Odin City moves into the rift, winning the level.

Creeper World 2Edit

There are no Totems in Creeper World 2.

Creeper World 3Edit

In Creeper World 3, Totems have a vastly different use than in Creeper World. When powered, they produce Aether, which is used by the Forge to implement upgrades and fire a special weapon. They produce Aether from the remains of Rift Space, which was destroyed to prevent Creeper from entering through it.